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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


"If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went." – Will Rogers

“Sir Sam the Man of Brookside” aka Sam, Sammy, Goat, Sam-Dog, Super Bat Dog, Samma-Lamma-Beans-Bones and Best Dog in the Whole Wide World passed away late yesterday afternoon at the Pearl Animal Hospital in Portland, Oregon. Lisa (an extraordinarily compassionate young vet), Eddie and I cuddled and caressed him the whole way through. Sam would have celebrated his 17th birthday in August.

We will miss his smiling face and his loyal, sweet, upbeat, furry presence. He was a beloved and constant companion, a member of our family since Max was in kindergarten and Abbie was in 7th grade. Our bed felt very empty last night; he was, without a doubt, the best cuddler ever.

He did not complain these past few weeks, though he suffered from near complete loss of hearing and vision, arthritis and neurological damage to his hind legs and back. He simply stopped eating a few days ago, sending us a sign that it was time for him to go.

Sam used to follow me from room to room as I went about my day. If I had to run downstairs just for a minute to get something from my desk, he made the trip down the stairs with me... just to turn back around and follow me back up (even in his golden years, when it obviously caused him pain to do so). He used to sit at my feet when I worked long hours in the darkroom. Sam was my shadow.

He loved nothing more than sitting in our laps or nestling in the curves of our bodies when we napped or slept at night.

Whenever I was sick, Sam stayed by my side. When I was recovering from breast cancer surgery three years ago, he would only get out of my bed when Eddie lifted him up for a walk or for a feeding.

Sammy loved to have his picture taken, even in the studio. He'd cock his head to one side, sit very still and not flinch at all when the lights flashed. He often tried to get into the family portraits of my clients. On a couple occasions, he wormed his way in, because the youngest member of the family wouldn't stop crying until she got to hold the photographer's cute dog.

Sam was my steadfast, devoted companion, and I'll miss him.


Anonymous said...

So sorry, Gloria. We've had our basset, Max, just four months now, and I know how they wind their way around your heart. Marti

Anonymous said...

Dear friends ! We are saddened by this news and our heart and sympathy goes to you . Nothing is more faithful then our four legged friend, they give love
unconditionally. Our "Cuki" is aging ( 13+) and showing soma symptoms what Sammy had . Yes , she also things that our bad belongs to her. With Love
Evi and Zdenko

Anonymous said...

Hi Gloria and Eddie, Abbie and Max,
What a touching tribute to dear Sammy....thanks for letting us know. He was always a favorite....his spirit was definitely very special. We're so sorry to
hear, but know his time had come. Sounds like he went out the way he lived, with grace. May your sadness soon be replaced with only happy memories of good
times together. JK

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear about Sam. He was a wonderful friend. JIm

Anonymous said...

Please know you're in our thoughts. Sam was truly a lucky dog to be part of such a wonderful family.
- The Hadens

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about Sam dog :( I'm glad he was able to live such a long and happy life with one of he most loving families I know. xoxo S

Anonymous said...

I will smile as I look toward heaven tonight...hopefully Sam is romping through green grass (not the itchy kind) and chasing a ball with our beloved Duke.


Anonymous said...

I have many good memories of Sam greeting us at the door as we came to your house. It is hard to imagine Sam not being with you. I am so sorry for your loss.
- Mary

Anonymous said...

No dog ever had better people than Sam Dog.

Suzanne said...

May he roam the heavens with his new found friends and always remember the ones that loved him so. So sorry for your loss, may your memories keep him forever in your hearts. Suzanne ~ xo

Anonymous said...

Gloria & Eddie - so sorry to hear about your little guy. You all were lucky to be in each others lives for so long. xoxo PR

Anonymous said...

Dear Gloria and Eddie,

I’m so very sorry to hear about sweet little Sam. This must be so hard for you. When I met him briefly, his dearness was so touching and I’m left with such gratitude for having had that opportunity.

I have been told that when we grieve for those who have moved on, the love helps them to transition. So, I’m glad that you are taking time to be with your reflections. Yes, remember the good and loving moments and then send him that energy.

- Karen

Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to you and Eddie. It sounds like Sam was quite a friend. Ritchie