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Monday, July 18, 2011

coffee cups and closings

Each time we come to Portland we notice the recent closing of a restaurant, coffee shop or clothing store in our neighborhood. The downturn in the economy has hit this area hard. People say there are more Ph.Ds driving taxi cabs or slinging pizzas than anywhere else in the country. Actually, job growth in Oregon increased slightly in April and May, and the picture is starting to look a bit rosier than it has. Still, it's hard to ignore the closings of businesses and the fact that so many trained professionals cannot find work here.

The upscale French restaurant near our condo had been a Portland favorite for six years. Unable to weather the financial storm, its doors closed in April.

Every time I walk by the place, I admire the cups, saucers, wine glasses, water pitchers and tea/coffee pots that still sit in the window of the kitchen. This morning, instead of just looking, I decided to make a photograph.

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