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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

the good people fund = textbooks for the children!

I am excited to announce that Change the Truth has received a generous grant from The Good People Fund! This is the second year in a row we have been the fortunate recipient of funds from this wonderful organization. You may recall that last year their grant was earmarked for a brand new laptop computer, some software, several thumb drives and a printer for the computer lab at the orphanage. This year, the money received will be used to establish a library of academic textbooks for the primary school-aged children.

The orphans who attend the school at St. Mary Kevin are required to pay a nominal school fee. Because most do not have a guardian who can pay this, the fee is covered by the fees of the paying students (non-orphans) who attend the school. Books are another matter. Children whose parents (or guardians) can afford to purchase the necessary textbooks are obviously at an advantage over those children who cannot buy books. These children have to share or go without. With this grant, CTT will be able to provide funds for the purchase of textbooks in all the core subjects for 80 orphans from grades Primary 4 through Primary 7. The books will be maintained in a library, and children will check out the books as needed for each term. The shelf life of the the textbooks is about four years; this is a gift that will last a while!

"The Good People Fund, inspired by the Jewish concept of Tikkun Olam (fixing the world), responds to significant problems such as poverty, disability, trauma, and social isolation, primarily in the United States and Israel. It provides financial support, guidance and mentoring to charitable activities of modest proportions that are undertaken by Good People acting singly or in small groups. Target endeavors are those that, by their personal scale and often unusual nature, might otherwise find it difficult to attract sufficient support.

The Good People Fund operates responsively, flexibly, and with a minimum of bureaucracy. It serves as a means for donors to reach many groups and individual needs and acts as an instigator of good, inspiring people to do Tikkun Olam (to fix the world) and to give Tzedakah (charity) responsibly and regularly. To expand these good works (Ma’asim Tovim), the Good People Fund also educates youth, adults, teachers, recipients and donors about the process and power of helping others." (from the GPF website)

For more information about this special organization, one that really does make a difference in so many lives, please visit their website.


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