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Monday, March 02, 2009

more artwork by the children from st. mary kevin

The planning committee meeting for the second annual CTT Friendraiser/Fundraiser took place yesterday. It's going to be another exciting and thought provoking event. There is an excellent group of men and women who have volunteered their time to guarantee that! Most are returnees from last year; we do have a few new faces, though, which is wonderful. There will be a couple of surprises this year, but you can definitely count on being able to bid in a silent auction on the amazing drawings and painting made by the children at the orphanage. Here are a few more examples.

In my last post, I mentioned the fire at Owino Market in Kampala. Rosemary wrote to say that some of the orphans' guardians were among those who lost everything in the blaze.


Billie Mercer said...

Gloria, I just had a thought. What about printing some of the children's drawings on canvas, stretching them, and selling them at a fund raiser.
But knowing your creative mind, you may have already thought of that.

Gloria Baker Feinstein said...

Hi Billie! Some of these are actually on canvas already. Some are on paper. We even have some work on bark cloth this time. All will be matted and framed for the event. LIke last year, we'll have a silent auction, the beautiful artwork will go to good homes, and we'll raise some money. Come to Kansas City on June 11th and buy a couple! Wouldn't that be fun?