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Sunday, December 28, 2014

team 8: anna

"I did not know love came in so many forms. From practicing Arabic with Takiya, to watching 'Frozen' with Juliet, and even to riding on a boda boda with Noreen. I cannot fully express in words how special each and every one of these children are. It is also amazing how much everyone has grown since I was here last! Today My dad, Gus and I went with a group of SMK students to tour Makerere University in Kampala. It is a huge campus, as large or larger then my university. The tour was lead by Billy and Nelson, recent graduates sponsored by CTT. They were extremely proud of their University. It was awesome to see them so proud.

During the afternoon, we played bingo back at SMK with all of the kids-I had never seen so many kids get more excited, animated and happy when Natalie called out a number they could put there beans on.

The day ended with taking Joan and Evelyn out to a pizza place off of Entebbe Rd, they ordered their first ever milk shakes! Our family loves ice cream. They fit right in.

One of the more defining moments of this trip to SMK was on Christmas when a SMK student came to me and said, ‘Sandra sends her greetings and love. She had to go to her home village because one of her younger siblings died.’ When I was here two years ago, I got particularly close with Sandra. I was very devastated to hear this news. It was a reality check; their life is tough. Yes we have our own losses and struggles, however in many ways these kids carry extra. This trip has gone by incredibly fast and I am so thankful for this experience, renewed friendships and my time in Uganda."

- Anna

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