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Tuesday, December 02, 2014

packing party for team 8: melissa and antwain are the guests of honor!

Look at this assemblage of wonderful Change the Truth volunteers. What a special group of people.

It was a fun night packing duffels for Team 8 and catching up with Melissa and Antwain, who are in the States for a visit. It was so great seeing them both and being with all these wonderful former team members.

Jennifer Smith

Jeff Mildner

Natalie Boten

Eddie Feinstein and Melissa Mosher

Lynne Melcher

Dawn Taylor

Jane Voorhees and me

Jane Voorhees and Antwain Mosher

Jeff Mildner

Jane Voorhees, Melissa Mosher, Jennifer Smith, Dawn Taylor and Avis Smith

Melissa Mosher, Nick and Lindsey Jarrett

Nick and Lindsey's daughter Eva

Jane Sosland

Melissa Mosher and Ann Thomas

Natalie Boten, Ann Thomas, Ashton Thomas and me

Antwain, his brothers Melvin and Tarez and Melissa

Natalie with 400 pounds of goodies ready to go to the orphanage

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