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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

team 8: post from holly

Alan, Anna, Suzanne, Gus, Natalie, Holly and Wyatt

While the members of Team 8 wait for Dawn and Emily to round out the group, they have been quite busy. Below is Holly's account of their experiences yesterday. She and daughter Anna were on Team 6 and have returned this year, bringing along Dad and the boys. The Cobb family will have special memories of Christmas 2014, that's for sure.

"What a great day at SMK!

We started the day by walking the mile-long road we all are becoming familiar with - we know to watch out for boda-bodas and vehicles!! 

Suzanne and the Cobb Family were able to go with the students we sponsor (through CTT) to visit their school. Our students Joan and Rose, along with the Headmaster, gave us a wonderful tour. We are so proud of Joan and Rose for all their hard work and effort. SMK Administrator Joan Faith joined us on the trip to the schools, and it was a highlight being able to visit with her and learn more about SMK and all the good things they are doing. It is a special place run by special people. 

In the afternoon I was able to spend time with children in the clinic. The children are easy to work with and are grateful for the nursing care.

We stayed past dark and watched a movie under the stars with the students. Perfect weather and lots of smiles watching 'Frozen.'

And I must mention Anna and I road a boda-boda for the first time. We had Joan, Kate and Maria with us - just a short ride to the market area.

It is so good to be back here for the second time. I am so grateful for the warmth and smiles the children share with my family and me."

- Holly

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