"The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera." - Dorothea Lange

Monday, November 12, 2012

white dog

Up late into the night drawing again. This time a dog emerged. Which was kind of weird because when I opened an email from my sister first thing this morning, she had attached a photo (probably sent just about the same time I was drawing this man and dog) of her white Golden Retriever, Wally, doing his first gig as a therapy dog... he was cuddling with a man (who also happens to be a very close friend) who has cancer.


Anonymous said...

Just returned from your website and the pastels were quite a surprise. I love them and I hope they will not be buried beneath your other talents and interest.

Anonymous said...

I really like
all the work you are doing and enjoy your creativity. You are blessed to have
such a fine vision and your wonderful way of expressing it. David

Anonymous said...

Great to see your new work. Pastels show unforgiveness that photographers don't deal with as an errant brushstroke spells disaster with no salvation coming from cloning. You are developing as an artist beyond photography as has been seen with others. The famous Martine Franck photo of Cartier Bresson shows him drawing. He was initially headed toward painting but Gertrude Stein advised him to leave art and go into his family business. . A major Picasso exhibition I saw in Milan in September showed the immense range of media he worked in.
- CP