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Wednesday, November 21, 2012


It's that time of year when we count our blessings and thank our lucky stars.

I'm grateful that my cup is overflowing. There is so much going on; my plate is full, and I'm not talkin' turkey and mashed sweet potatoes (though I am very much looking forward to both tomorrow!)

This weekend marks the first time that Joseph and Rosemary Kavulu, directors of the orphanage/school St. Mary Kevin, will be in the US since I founded Change the Truth! They flew from Uganda to Canada for their daughter's graduation from medical school. Quite a big event, and they made the ceremony with only two hours to spare! Then they flew to Seattle to visit their son and his family. That's where the story gets really good for CTT...

We are hosting a Friendraiser/Fundraiser in Seattle on Sunday. Our prized guest speakers will be Joseph and Rosemary. What an honor and rare opportunity it will be for us to be able to introduce these two amazing people to our friends and supporters. I am excited to report that board members Lynne Melcher and Carol Joseph will also be in attendance. It should truly be a great event! I will post a recap and some photos next week.

Also next week I will begin featuring the members of Team 6 here on the blog. It's a wonderful group of volunteers, all of whom are getting very pumped about their upcoming trip to Uganda. You can't believe the amount of positive energy these seven people are already generating! Stay tuned to learn all about them.

Early next month will be our CTT Fundraiser at Ten Thousand Villages. I am also hoping to put together an "open studio" at my Livestock Exchange place so that the pastel drawings I've been making can be viewed and offered for sale.

I'll be heading to the east coast in three weeks to help hurricane Sandy victims - with a group called Nechama (Jewish Response to Disaster). I'll be posting details and photos about the trip here.

Daughter Abbie continues to "grow" the baby who's nestled comfortably in that belly of hers, and I am looking forward to a great New Orleans adventure to meet said baby sometime in February.

It looks like I will be having a solo show in Kansas City in March. Wonderful news (and a lot of work)!! The show will most likely feature my new Uganda color work, as well as the Estate Sale Series. I'm thrilled about the opportunity and will fill you in soon.

And, I have been drawing long into the nights and wee hours of the mornings. I am having so much fun discovering the wonders of pastel drawing and am always curious to see what comes out of me. I'm beginning to discover some connections between the drawings and my photographs, which comes as a pleasant and warm surprise.

I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and find many, many things for which to express your gratitude. I feel lucky to have you, my readers, still hangin' in there with me after all these years of blogging. Thank you for that! I really mean it.

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