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Monday, February 06, 2012

update on brian

Brian in December (before his accident)

Many readers of this blog have sent me emails asking how Brian is doing. He is lucky so many people care about him!

Melissa has taken Brian into her home. He will not attend school this term. Under Melissa's care and watchful eye, Brian is working hard to regain his strength, mobility, balance, cognitive skills and memory. He is making progress. We are hoping his headaches will soon disappear and that his ability to walk, read, draw and study continue to improve. He works hard and has youth on his side; a full recovery from his severe concussion must surely be within reach.

Brian, like many of the Change the Truth sponsored students, has a specific family that pays his school fees. Brian has never met this family, but he feels very connected to them and grateful for their support. One of Brian's first completed drawings since his accident is of this family. They had sent him a family photo in a recent letter, and he used it for inspiration. I thought it was incredibly sweet (and incredibly good!) and figured you might, too.

Three weeks ago, he told me on the phone that he was frustrated because he could not draw a straight line and that he could not write his name well. Considering this recent drawing, it's obvious he's made huge strides forward! I can't tell you how happy I was to see this.


Jessica said...

Brian, this looks fantastic!! It's even better and more detailed than the one you drew and sent us BEFORE your accident. It looks like you're working very hard at your recovery, and the hard work is paying off. Keep it up, Brian. We continue to think about you and pray for you and send positive thoughts your way!!
Much love, Jessica

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