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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

new sponsored students

I am very pleased to announce that Change the Truth has granted six new sponsorships for the upcoming school year!

These recent primary school graduates are very excited and proud to have been given the opportunity to continue their education at high quality secondary schools (equivalent to high school in the US). All of these young people did well in primary school and show a lot of promise for the future. All but one are full orphans (have lost both parents) and have established themselves as engaged and enthusiastic friends of Change the Truth. In fact, this is the first year ever that each Senior 1 student has an individual sponsor. This means that certain CTT donors have made commitments to pay the school fees for these specific children. It's quite an honor for these kids, not to mention an incredible opportunity.

Congratulations to these smart, deserving, hard-working and lovely young people. They start school next week, and everyone at CTT wishes them well!

(back row from left to right)

(front row)
Claire Faith

[Thanks to Melissa for the great photo.]

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