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Friday, February 17, 2012

new students begin secondary school: guest post by melissa

"This past week I have devoted my energies in preparing CTT’s new 7 sponsored students for Secondary school - both physically and mentally. In addition to visiting schools, we shopped for new school supplies, shoes, book bags, hygiene supplies, towels, bedding, dishes, etc. We ensured that everything was properly labelled and packed nicely in their cases. We went over school rules, completed physicals, and a few other school requirements.

Senior 1 is the beginning of another world for these students, as the next step in their educational journey. They are arriving at Secondary as new fish in a really large pond. One of the schools even affectionately referred to new Senior 1 students as the ‘babies.’ Everything is new for them, and they must quickly acclimate to the rigorous challenges of going from 4 subjects to 16 subjects (yeah, no kidding!). They no longer have the security blanket of familiar teachers, rules, environment that SMK has provided them for their entire Primary school years.

In most ways, each student was excited. They are venturing away from SMK to make a new group of friends, explore their talents, and advance their education with serious devotion. They have been hearing about Secondary school from older students for years, and now it is their turn to experience this great privilege (and each of these sponsored students recognize that advancing to Secondary school is an elite privilege for them). However, there were also some elements of anxiety to address (and squelch). Would they be teased? Would they have the proper things? Who would help them with problems? How would they know where to go and at what time? Did I promise to come and visit them?

I have to admit, it was challenging to leave this group of students at school. They looked physically small and vulnerable in so many ways, yet their bright eyes were gleaming with excitement. They walked around the campus with wide eyes soaking up the atmosphere as their heads shifted from side to side. They looked at the older students with glances of reverence and respect.

This year Change The Truth chose two excellent schools to place students in: St. Charles Lwanga International Secondary School and Taibah International College School. CTT, St. Mary Kevin Orphanage Motherhood and the supporters of these students have high hopes for Claire Faith, Evelyn, Francis, Isabella, Rebecca, Scovia, and Steven. Each student has great gifts and much potential for excellence. We look forward to witnessing their growth in Secondary school."

- Melissa

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