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Tuesday, August 02, 2016

post from natalie

CTT’s dear friend Natalie will be traveling to Uganda for the 5th time later this month. She’s been very busy preparing for her visit with the children at SMK, and that has had a lot to do with ripples. Please read her missive to see what I mean:

Every wave starts with a ripple. Or, so they say, I suppose. When you think about it, that gives an awful lot of power to one little drop of water. It ignores all of the other drops that join with that bit of energy and start moving forward. It's in that transference of energy that the magic really happens. It’s what keeps the surfer on his board, moves ships across the ocean, and even maintains the temperature of our atmosphere. 

Making positive change in the world starts a lot like a wave in that way. It takes one person to put their toe in the water and splash around a bit to get things going. But it is the efforts of many that create real movement. Preparing for my return to Uganda has reminded me of this simple truth--our efforts are a result of who we bring along with us.

For the past month, my mailbox has been filled with packages containing supplies that will support the academic, artistic, athletic, and health needs of the children at St. Mary Kevin. Gifts have arrived from all over the country--from people I know well, and some I have never had the pleasure of meeting in person. All told, I will be carrying the energy of over 60 people with me across the ocean.  And just like the drops of water that start a wave don't always make it to shore, the people I bring along with me will probably never have the privilege of knowing these great young people personally. But, the energy they have generated will be felt for years to come as a giant wave of love. 

On behalf of all of the students at SMK, I thank each and every one of you who selflessly gave of yourself to ensure our students are supplied with the tools they need for school. I thank those of you who invested in our artists. And I thank those of you who provided our kids with a few things that allow them to just be kids for a while. It is because of you, CTT has been able to do all it has for our kids. I am honored to be carrying your hearts with me. 

- Natalie

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