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Saturday, August 06, 2016

an old dog jumps through a new hoop

As most of you know, I enjoy dabbling in pastels and have done so for a couple years. I've never taken a drawing class (until now), and I really only started playing around with the colorful chalk sticks as a diversion from photography. When I had shoulder surgery last year, drawing with my non-dominant hand (I couldn't use my right arm for six weeks) provided such a challenge and such an incredible amount of joy that I realized I was hooked on a new medium.

As most of you also know, I am now turning these naive drawings into little coasters and have started a small business called "Gloasters." My bestie Gail came up with the name, combining "Gloria" with "coaster." I've been promoting the gloasters on Facebook and have opened a store on Etsy. Friends have been so nice about making purchases, and I feel grateful that no one has laughed at me yet!

This past week I did my first art street fair. Eddie and I bought a tent canopy, two 6' folding tables, a receipt book and a few cardboard display stands and offered the coasters to the public on First Thursday in Portland. At $5 a pop, I figured we could sell a few, though I really no idea. Luckily, people did seem to enjoy them, and we sold at least enough to cover all the supplies we'd purchased! (I'm also selling beautifully printed 7" x 7" signed prints of each drawing for $25.)

did i mention we also brought chairs and a bottle of wine to the street fair?
here's my sidekick, taking a break from selling

Yesterday I sold the 150th gloaster to a friend who come over for a visit (it's hard not to see them when you step into our small apartment, as they are front and center on the only table!). In honor of the sale - and the fact that I've signed up for a second street fair - I drew all evening till I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer.

My Kansas City friend Greg Azorsky is manufacturing the gloasters for me. He's the nicest guy, does a fantastic job and is a great cheerleader. I am grateful to have him in my corner!

When I was a kid I sold greeting cards door to door. I represented the Wallace Brown Card Company. I loved the challenge of making sales, loved keeping careful records and was always so thrilled when customers liked their personalized orders.

I've always had an entrepreneurial streak, I suppose, so becoming Ms. Gloaster (as Eddie likes to call me) suits me just fine.

Here are some of the new additions to the Gloaster family. I love making them, and I am just happy that others are enjoying them, too! (They couldn't be more different from my black and white photos.)



red dress

hanging the moon

happy hour


I mentioned that I'm taking my first drawing class. We work with charcoal only, and I am absolutely loving it! Here is a drawing I made a couple weeks ago. Probably not Gloaster material...

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