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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

first impressions

First impressions can be a tricky thing. Sometimes they are totally wrong. Other times they are spot on, like they have been for Sherèe in her first days at St. Mary Kevin. In her own words, here is what she has to say about what she has observed so far.

We have been at SMK for two days! We are living, breathing entertainment. From our violins, our funny names, Ben's extreme height, and the color of our hair, we almost seem from another planet! However, what perhaps has been the subject of greatest interest is that we are family. Family—what a loaded word for many of us. Be it one that brings to mind pride, love or possibly trouble, it is something many of us understand. At SMK family isn't a known entity but rather an intellectual concept. How can we even begin to teach it? We are here all together—a father and mother, who are also simultaneously jjajas (grandparents in Ugandan), sisters, a brother. This does not even include our other three sisters, brothers, niece, 11 uncles, 10 aunts, and 30-some cousins. That is simply unbelievable! But there is also family at SMK. The kids demonstrate there love for Melissa and pride in their matron Josephine. The older children help the younger with their English, their washing, etc. Family is something not to be overlooked, be it the one you are born into, or the one that you form. We are very blessed to be here and help share the love of family while also witnessing a very close-knit Ugandan one.
                                                                                                                          --Sherèe Lutz

                                                                   Ben and new friends. 

                                                                               New hair-dos.

                                                                                New music. 

                                                                                             New experiences. 

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