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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

bringing on more music for our children in uganda!

The Peterson/Lutz family is beyond excited to be traveling to St. Mary Kevin this August facilitated by Change The Truth! The team members include Dr. Stacy Peterson, Allison Peterson, Brittany Peterson, Ben Lutz, and Sherèe Lutz. We are members of Uptown Violins, a performance/teaching group comprised of family members. The primary aim at SMK will be to offer a fun-filled, week-and-a-half of instruction to the 28 violin students currently taking lessons. Some students have received weekly instruction since 2012 with the establishment of the Strings for Uganda program. Others are relatively new to violin! 

We hope to apply teaching methods used for our U.S. violin students adapting them to fit the needs of the SMK students. This will include individual tutoring, group lessons, music theory/history instruction, as well as fun with games, crafts, and lots of love! The workshop will culminate in a final concert where the students can demonstrate what they have learned to the rest of the school and community. Of course, we know we will learn just as much from the students as they will from us!

As a part of the experience, the SMK violin students and some of our U.S. students have been paired together as pen-pals, seeking to foster the shared experience that music can provide across the globe. We have also received generous support and have been given violins that we will be able to donate to SMK for students’ use as well as music, stands, cases, rosin, teaching tools, and so much more! We want to thank everyone who has been so supportive especially to the CTT family who is making everything possible! We cannot wait for August to get here!

- Sheree Lutz






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