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Thursday, August 28, 2014

charlie and susan

Charlie and Susan

Meet the Hoerners! In Susan's own words:

"I am fast approaching an age that I remember my grandparents being, so my goal is to get the most LIFE out of every day. It has been a life-long dream to visit Africa, walk where our ancient ancestors walked and see elephants, lions and giraffes in their natural habitat. It’s amazing to think that it will actually be happening very soon! Charlie and I were married many, many years ago and much to the surprise of both of us we just celebrated our 46th anniversary. I’m originally from Michigan, attended Ferris State University, then married and lived for 30 years in Sonoma County, California, where we raised our two daughters, now grown. We moved to Portland, Oregon seven years ago and started a whole new chapter of our lives. We love Portland and spend our leisure time hiking and biking and enjoying concerts and plays with new friends. I was a graphic designer for over 20 years in California, but since moving to Portland have retired. My most favorite thing to do now is pottery. Sitting at a wheel, hands covered in clay, is like heaven to me - meditative, very relaxing and creative. Charlie and I divide our time between Kauai and Portland. We feel very fortunate to have a little piece of paradise to call our own and relish our time there kayaking, biking, snorkeling, hiking and spending time with friends. My latest fun thing was spending 3 days with a friend experimenting with indigo tie dying in her back yard. My hands and fingernails were blue for a week!"

Charlie will teach photography, and Susan has a very cool sewing project in mind. She is going to end each day with a yoga class. I know they will have a terrific time, and I know the children who get to work with them will be so happy!

I thank the Hoerners and Grossmans for committing to the journey to SMK. Hopefully, they will write about their experience to share here on the blog. I know they will have lots of photos!

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