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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

captain freddie returns!

Cheryl and Fred

Few things makes me happier than when friends and/or family decide to take the trip to Uganda to meet, work with, play with and fall in love with the children at St. Mary Kevin Children's Home. 

Back in 2008, my good friend Fred Grossman watched one of the CTT films while sitting in my living room. As soon as it ended, he said he wanted to go with me on the next trip. I hear that a lot, but something in Fred's voice told me he really meant it. And he did. He joined Team 2 and was on his way!

Once he landed at SMK, Fred quickly became known as "Captain Freddie." He has a wonderful way with kids; it didn't take him long to become a Pied Piper of sorts. The older boys who painted the dorms with Fred even dubbed themselves "Freddie's Team." He loved his time in Uganda and told me, once we got back to Kansas City, that he would return someday. 

I hear that a lot, too

Fred is once again on his way to SMK! He's not going with a December team; he sort of made up his own team this time. He, his wife Cheryl and their two close friends, Susan and Charlie, will plant their feet on the red dirt soon. They have plans to help the kids with their computer, sewing, photography and reading skills. Melissa is even working on reassembling  "Freddie's Team" for a reunion (those older boys are now young men out in the world attending University or working.) For Fred, Cheryl, Susan and Charlie, this will be an unforgettable experience  For the kids who get to spend time with them, it will mean the world.

Here is some biographical information on Fred and Cheryl. Up next, you'll meet Susan and Charlie. 

Cheryl is a retired college professor. She taught courses in integrated arts, children’s literature and language arts at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. She spends her time now volunteering for SMART, a literacy program for the Portland Public Schools, hiking, biking and enjoying all the outdoor opportunities that her new home, Portland, Oregon has to offer. She loves being near her adult children who also live in Portland. Cheryl is very excited about visiting SMK and interacting with children there.

Fred is a clinical psychologist who specializes in pain management. He has been in practice for over 34 years. His hobbies include reading, active travel adventures with his wife, Cheryl, and culinary adventures in his home state and abroad. Fred recounts his first trip to SMK as one of the highlights in his life. He is so happy return to see old friends and to make new ones.

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