"The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera." - Dorothea Lange

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

team 7: meet leah

"I am14 years old and attend school at the Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy, where I have been a student since kindergarten. I am currently in the 9th grade. Every summer, I go to Camp Ramah in Wisconsin for two months. I have made some lifelong friends there, and the camp has also helped me expand my interests and education. I enjoy art, music, and especially literature and books. I have been playing piano since a young age, and I love to read. I also plays sports such as basketball, tennis, and soccer.
I first learned of Gloria’s work when I was 8 at a CTT fundraiser. I became very interested in CTT and was moved by Lynne Melcher’s beautiful film and the wonderful work of Gloria and many others. I decorated one of the banana dolls for the CTT fundraiser, and for my Bat Mitzvah project last February, I decided to raise money for Change The Truth Foundation. 

Inspired by everything Change The Truth does, I became interested in going on one of the teams to St. Mary Kevin Orphanage in Uganda. Along with my father, Josh, we decided together to volunteer to serve as a members of Team 6. I fell in love with many of the children, and after the trip, I could not imagine not going back to SMK. This year, I am returning not only with Josh but with the rest of my family as well. I am very excited to share this incredible experience once again."

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