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Thursday, December 19, 2013

artists who inspire me

by Opio Geoffrey

by Okeche Brian

by Okeche Oscar

by Opio Geoffrey

by Okeche Brian

While the team is on its way to Uganda - and we are waiting for blog posts and photos - I thought I'd share some more of the artwork made by the kids. One of the things I'll miss most about not being at SMK is the time spent hanging out in the art room with these - and other - really talented young artists. They inspire me on so many levels. Here are a few reasons why:

They paint until it's way past dark, even when the light bulb won't turn on due to (common) power outages. In other words, they have to be dragged out of that dark place, paintbrushes still in hand.

They use a pencil until it has reached "nub" status.

They work on a piece, then turn the paper over to work on the other side.

They talk and laugh while they are drawing, sharing ideas without the least bit of jealously or fear of having their ideas stolen.

If they have no idea for a drawing in mind, they look through old, tattered magazines and always find something, even if it is a lipstick or beer ad.

They mix colors as naturally and easily as they breathe.

They improvise, because they often do not have the tools or supplies they need and well, because they do this in practically every aspect of their lives anyway.

They do not gloat or boast when they have finished something they're really proud of. They might smile broadly for a few moments while they admire it, but then they just move on.

They reach into their imaginations for scenes they can only dream of ever actually seeing or experiencing, and they don't feel sorry for themselves that this is the way it is.

They instinctively help the younger or less experienced artists in the room.

They give the artwork to me to bring back for our CTT fundraisers or as gifts to team members, pen pals or sponsors without any hesitation whatsoever, even if the painting has taken several days to complete. They take pleasure in sharing.

They take the time to teach me things about shading and perspective and such. And I mean time: a whole day if that's how long it takes for me to finally understand. Time seems to take on a new meaning in the art room. It stretches on forever. I love that.

I'll miss my art club friends and the congenial time spent with them, especially Willy, Oscar, Brian, Issy and Nicky.

[Please note: these pieces will be included in the silent auction at the Change the Truth 6th Annual Friendraiser/Fundraiser on March 14th.]

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