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Tuesday, September 03, 2013

sponsored students: post secondary

Like last year, Melissa arranged for a lunch date in Kampala with CTT's older sponsored students. Lynne, Natalie, Mel and I so enjoyed our time with these hard-working young people. These students are finally, truly pursuing their dreams, honing in on what they'd like to do for a living once they've finished vocational school or university. CTT has been and continues to be very proud to assist each one of these special young adults. We've known them for many years now and have been impressed by their determination, strength and smarts. We've also been moved by their genuine expressions of appreciation. Not one of them takes this educational opportunity for granted.

Douglas (has received his degree in nursing)

Rosette (attends vocational school for travel/tourism)

Henry (has received his electrician's  certificate from vocational school) 

Billy (is studying business at Makerere University)

Daniel (has graduated from Makerere University in business)

Saka (will soon receive his vocational school certificate in computer technology)

Habib (studying constitutional law at Islamic University)

Nelson (studying computer science at Makerere University)

Samalie (studying journalism at Ndejje University)

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