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Monday, September 02, 2013

day ten

The CTT "Spirit Day" tradition at St. Mary Kevin was created by Team 6 leader Suzanne last December. Suzanne suggested we continue the fun this visit and, in fact, sent us over with A LOT of balloons for the ever favorite water balloon toss. Thanks, Suzanne, for knowing just what the children wanted.

Natalie was at the helm this time around - as energetic and enthusiastic as she could possibly be. We all had a ton of fun, especially the 150 SMK kids who don't get to do this sort of thing very often.

We started with a game of limbo.

Next we played "pass an orange to the person behind you using your chin
and neck, but not your hands."

Natalie announced the winning team of the orange pass. They went nuts!

Then we moved on to the water balloon toss.

Monique and Rose tried to pop theirs by mashing their foreheads together.

That didn't work, so they tried fist bumping it.

Everyone got prizes: silly bandz and a sucker...

and these stickers, which were promptly attached to various body parts.

Everyone was happy and had so much fun!

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