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Sunday, September 15, 2013

a music video you don't want to miss!

Here it is: the debut of Nicky's music video!!! Please watch it, enjoy it and share it. 

He goes by many names: Bo’nichomar, Nicky, and also, deservedly, Nicky Bieber (a la Justin Beiber.) At only 17, he has written and performed songs that, in my humble opinion, rival his namesake/ nickname. Our beloved Nicky’s most recent song is called “Amor,” which he recorded and produced in a Ugandan music studio. Yet in order for this to become the YouTube sensation we hope it will be, he needed video to accompany his recording. Enter Okecha Brian.

Brian, like Nicky, is a gifted artist, photographer and musician. Anyone who has the pleasure of meeting Brian is immediately touched by his kindness. His heart is just so big. HUGE. But enough raving about these young men. You get it. Back to Nicky, his song, and the video, with a little back story.

Over the years, I’ve shot a lot of video, but I’ve never done a music video. Although Nicky put his faith in me, and I certainly made a few attempts at shooting this, it was Brian who ultimately shot the video that is now “Amor.”

Nicky had a vision for how the video should look, how it should be shot, and where. After the most basic of video lessons, I gave Brian my camera and off they went in to the hills of Kajjansi, without me. I never doubted for a minute that together, they would come back with something special. And they did. Out in the field they didn’t have the recorded version of the song to actually synch with. So Nicky played it by heart. Brian trusted his creative instincts and well attuned eye. He gave it his all. The end result was beyond what I could have ever imagined.

Congratulations to Nicky and Brian on this wonderful collaboration. Here’s hoping for many more. Justin Bieber, watch out!

- Lynne


Anonymous said...

Unbelievable! He's fabulous. We all want to send him fan mail! Thanks for sharing. - R.

Jessica said...

That is really impressive. I love the lighting that Brian captured; the setting sun behind Nicky as he sang - very well done. Great song, too! The second time I listened to it I was dancing around my kitchen as I unloaded the dishwasher. Is he singing in French as well as English? How many languages do these kids know?! Congratulations Nicky and Brian! And very nice editing, Lynne!

Gloria Baker Feinstein said...

It IS catchy, isn't it? We are all so impressed with what Nicky and Brian have done. Glad you are, too! We are hoping to get lots of You Tube hits for these guys, so please share the blog post on your FB page and even with your non-FB friends.

Anonymous said...

it's wonderfully amazing and lovely!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, thanks for sharing! It started my Monday off on a good note. - Avis