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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

guest post from melissa: a response to natalie

Our Moureen… what a blossoming flower!  Moureen is a testimony to the power of love and nurturing.  After you returned home, Moureen really became the center of our household.  Each person took time with her…singing, writing, physical activities, playing, laughing.  We would be happily surprised as Moureen began to emerge… she is VERY smart!  She loves to sing (loudly)… one of her favorites repetitive lines is ‘I got no worries’ from Little Wayne (Antwain’s influence).  She speaks good English, Luganda, and her tribal language.  She is very observant and comprehends quickly.  We worked on numbers, letters, colors, and shapes this holiday.  She is partial to the big boys, and she LOVES their attention.  Her favorite was Brian (good taste in friends), cause he would talk to her and patiently play the same little games over and over with her.  Moureen became my little shadow, and we have really bonded.  I have fallen head-over-heels in love with her.  
 At the recommendation of a local doctor, I did not end up taking her for blood tests.  I very intentionally infused lots of proteins, calcium, and vitamins into her diet (instead of using medications), and the results were positive.  Her skin became clearer and filled out.  Her body strength noticeable improved (she runs, jumps, and climbs).  She gained 3 kilograms.  There is no food that I have found she does not like.  

She is sleeping at school with the big girls, which is the best for her long-term.  I have spent quality time with her daily, but her challenge is transitioning back.  Again, still a work in progress… However, her peers and staff have been pleased and surprised by her increased sociability and hearing her voice.  She is being showered with lots of love and attention at the school, which is something that she needs and responds to.  Just yesterday she sang ‘Pretty Moureen’ over and over again, and my heart was so happy!!

Thank you for all of your love and affection with her.  I showed her your Facebook photo with her.  She screeched and covered her eyes with a HUGE smile on her face.  She knows that she is loved by you!!  Here is a photo in her school uniform… a big school girl.  She is learning to write A, 1, 2, and 3, and she does very good work.  I will continue to update you on her progress, because I believe she is not yet done flourishing!!
- Melissa

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