"The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera." - Dorothea Lange

Friday, May 07, 2010

j. leroy beasley

JLB11 20" x 7"

“My creative focus on the doll moved me to use both what I do as an artist and what I do in work. It made me feel good combining these talents and finding inspiration from all the children (including my own son) whom I’ve taught or given advice to over the years. So I share, thru this doll, my love for art and helping kids.”

J. Leroy Beasley was born in College Station, Arkansas in 1958. He is a strong-minded tradesman who, over the years, has discovered and nurtured a passion for the arts. He is a self-taught sculptor who has recently added photography and painting to his repertoire of naturally developed talents. Sculpting has always come naturally to him. He uses no molds or pre-fired castings; all of the work he creates is passionately formed by his own hands - freeform.

Leroy focuses on capturing strong, subtle & insightful details often overlooked in the confusion of daily life. Family members, as well as his own physical surroundings inspire his work. His approach is defined and strong - filled with raw emotion - but can also be very tender.

Leroy traveled to several countries in South Africa in December of 2008. He had his camera in hand and made over a thousand pictures of the children of Africa in just a month. He is honing his photography skills with every click of his camera and is excited about this newfound passion.

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