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Friday, April 23, 2010


Willy, like so many at the orphanage, is a really special kid. He is one of five boys; all the brothers are personable, bright and talented. He and one of his brothers, Brian, play trumpet in the marching band. Willy has a warm smile, is soft spoken and has a gentle and serious nature. He began Senior 1 this year and is being sponsored by Change the Truth. He is forever expressing his gratitude to me for this chance to succeed, and he works hard to maintain a top position in his class.

Willy’s mother died of AIDS in 2004. His father, Anthony, spent time in prison after that for an alleged theft and subsequently had great difficulty finding work. He was employed for a while as the gatekeeper at the orphanage, working in exchange for room and board for his family. He was there when I was in Uganda in 2008, but not when I returned in 2009.

According to Willy, “our father one day went away and left us here.”

As far as art goes, Willy would be content to draw all day long. “I started loving art since I was still young. I started by drawing pictures which made children to laugh at them, but they liked the drawings and they started buying them from me. But since I came to St. Mary Kevin, my artwork was being put in power, whereby I can paint things that are amazing.”

There will be several of Willy’s paintings for sale in the silent auction on June 25th. The proceeds will help Change the Truth pay for his school fees. This hard working and determined 14 year-old is really proud that he can help provide for himself.

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