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Monday, April 05, 2010

some smart boys

I recently received this snapshot from St. Mary Kevin Orphanage’s director, Rosemary. Pictured are some of the boys who have just begun Senior 1 (first year of “high school”) thanks to sponsorships from Change the Truth.

From left to right are: Joseph, Willy, Samuel, Abbas, Nicholas and Paul (he's in Senior 3)

They are smart young men. Nicholas and Samuel, for example, are at the top of their class. All these guys had to demonstrate a high level of achievement to begin studying at the Senior level, and now they’re working hard to maintain their positions AND their sponsorships.

They LOOK smart, too, don’t you agree?

In Uganda, when a person is dressed up and looking especially handsome or beautiful, people look them up and down, smile broadly and then say,

“Ah, you look so smart!”

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