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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

thank you ("webale")

Each day in the Change the Truth office (my kitchen) I get more and more excited about our upcoming fundraiser. There has been a steady stream of area artists stopping by to select the doll he/she will adorn for the auction. The contract with the band Blue Orleans has been signed and mailed, the graphic designer and I have been working together on the invitation and well, I’m just getting pretty psyched about the whole thing!

I also received a package from the orphanage that contained some sweetly written love letters from the children. 99% of them asked me to please say “thank you” to the friends of Change the Truth. We have made such a difference in their lives, and they couldn’t be more grateful.

So… thanks to all of you who have helped make that difference happen. Thanks from me, and thanks from Sheila, Rosette, Geoffrey, Sandra, Nelson, Amanda, Nicky, Tina, Claire Faith, Isabella and the rest of the kids at SMK.

I took this picture one day in the computer lab when I was at SMK this past December. I just happened to glance over toward one of the monitors. The words that were being typed made my heart soar.

Messages like this one are what keep the activities in the CTT office humming along.


sm said...

Gloria can the pen pals communicate by email now that the computer lab is in place? SM

Gloria Baker Feinstein said...

Not yet. If and when we do establish internet service at SMK, I'll definitely let the pen pals know. Thanks for asking!