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Monday, February 01, 2010

one more donation for haiti

The outpouring of compassion from the photographic community toward the victims of the earthquake in Haiti has been impressive. Immediately after the quake, gallerists, artists and collectors alike started looking for ways to help. You may recall a few posts ago I wrote about a print I donated to Crista Dix’s Wallspace Gallery (Seattle.) The edition of ten prints sold out in two days and resulted in a $500 donation to Doctors Without Borders. Crista, with the help of others who donated work, has raised over $5,000 at this point. Her goal is twice that, and at the rate people are continuing to donate and purchase work, I believe she’ll get there.

Eric Keller of Soulcatcher Studio (Santa Fe) is offering a similar auction, "PictureHOPE." He has contacted several women photographers and asked them to make limited editions to sell on his website; the proceeds will also go directly to Doctors without Borders. Together, they have already raised $8.000! Click here.

There are some wonderful images in both auctions, and I hope you’ll take a look. It’s a great opportunity to buy a print by an artist whose work you’ve admired – or possibly someone you’ve not heard of yet. The artist gets the satisfaction of knowing the ten prints will go to loving homes and the $50 paid for each print will help the people in Haiti who need medical care. The collector (you!) will get a great image at a bargain price and the satisfaction of knowing you are also helping. It’s a win/win, as they say.

So, take a look at both Wallspace and Soulcatcher and tell your friends about these gallery auctions. Crista, Eric, the participating photographers and you (the shopper) are all to be congratulated.

This picture from my Sea Series is the special limited edition print that just became available at Soulcatcher. It is an 8” x 8” print on 11” x 11” Ultrasmooth Fine Art paper. It is signed, dated and numbered on the back and designated as part of this special project.

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Benny said...

The long term effects of this quake are devastating! In the next 6 months, the World Food Programme says 2 million people will need food assistance to rebuild their lives. If you want to help and learn more about the crisis, go to: http://wfp.org/crisis/haiti or text FRIENDS to 90999 to make a $5 donation.