"The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera." - Dorothea Lange

Friday, January 29, 2010


Visiting and caring for my father for a few days. Flipping through pages of my diary. Being in my childhood home that has changed very little over the years. And, of course, taking pictures.

This is a sampling of what was on my mind shortly after I turned eleven:

"At school today Mrs. Nelson, our gym teacher, complimented me highly on my new bangs and we learned the crip shot in basketball. I can do it pretty good. At the alumni vs. faculty game I saw a dreamy boy on the team. Wow! I’ll have to look him up someday, won’t I?"

"The principal gave a thirty-minute talk to our class today. He talked a little bit about love crushes and notes. I used to pass them, but I stopped a long time ago."

"When I went to Polly’s house last night her cousin, Hunt, started liking me, He’s 10. He wrote me a note and then called me when I got home. Mom and Dad come home tomorrow. I’m gonna get killed when they see my tests, but I hope not. Piano today. I don’t like it a whole lot, but who does?"

"Kathy and I saw 'The Nanny' today. Ach! Ach! I screamed in some parts. I was holding onto Kathy for dear life. It was really awful. Rode the bus home. Had dinner and watched Walt Disney."

"Have our library exam tomorrow. Miss Meadow is a creep from outer space and with her as the teacher I know almost everyone will flunk it!! Music exam tomorrow, too. Moma’s helping me with that."

"Dancing school was fair. Now I know that Doug never really liked me. He didn’t ask me to dance once, and I didn’t get him for a no-break. Oh, well."

- from my 6th grade diary

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Sarah said...

Gloria, I'm so glad we got to meet up today! You're a huge inspiration.

Here's a link to my personal blog that I update more regularly than the Africa-related one and where I put up some of the everyday (monotonous ha) pictures I take:


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