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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

change the truth update

Sitting here in cold Kansas City and communicating with friends on the east coast who are dealing with mounds and mounds of snow, my thoughts escape to the warm sun and red soil of Uganda.

Carol, board member and member of Teams 1, 2 and 3 is currently making her way back from a visit to the orphanage. Her daily reports have included news of beaming faces, continued meals for the children and smooth adjustments as the next school term begins. One of the highlights of her journey was the opportunity to see the marching band outfitted in their brand spanking new uniforms (thanks to the generosity of some New York donors.) I hope to be able to post her pictures here on the blog soon.

The maize mill motor that was purchased by CTT will be the reason that in-house production of the corn they are now harvesting will resume next month. The by-product (maize bran) is fed to the pigs. Ten of those big pigs will be sold for a profit soon.

Some of the vegetables that we helped plant in December are now being harvested and enjoyed by the children. The mosquito nets are still up and doing their job!

About twenty children still practice yoga on a daily basis. Bobbi, member of Team 3 left the mats behind and also instructed several of the better students how to teach the class themselves. Rosette is one of those who has taken the torch passed by Bobbi and is now leading many of the classes.

On the home front, we will soon begin making arrangements for our annual fundraiser. If you’d like to work on the planning committee, please let me know. We have a great group of people who enthusiastically volunteer for this each year. We’d love for more folks join in on the fun.

Believe it or not, Team 4 is already being assembled. Interest was again very high this year. We should have a full boat by March 1st, when commitments need to be made. If you are still considering this opportunity, there is a chance we may add a trip for a small group this May or June. Again, please contact me.

Though things are going relatively well at SMK, we have been reminded that the price of food in Uganda continues to rise. In order to provide a nutritionally balanced diet for all 150 primary school aged orphans, as well as those secondary school aged kids who board at SMK, we are asking donors to consider making gifts specifically earmarked for food. If you are so moved, you can make your contribution online at www.changethetruth.org.

Make a donation in honor of a friend’s birthday – or better yet, a Valentine’s Day gift for your honey! We’ll notify the recipient so he/she will know of your sweet gift. Just think about how warm that will make you both feel.

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