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Sunday, January 24, 2010

pics by christy: last installment

These last few pictures made by CTT Team 3 member, Christy, include some of my most favorite. Yes, I realize that three of them include yours truly, but when you're a photographer you jump all over pictures of yourself from vacations, backyard barbecues, birthday parties and trips to Uganda simply because you are usually the one TAKING the pictures, and you are thus rarely SEEN in any of the pictures. So... I love these, wanted to share them, and I thank Christy for taking them! But four of the others, the child behind the clothesline, the girl with her hand on her chin and the two pictures from yoga class are favorites simply because in their own quiet way, they speak volumes about how Christy skillfully took note of the ordinary but beautiful moments that unfolded around her while she was experiencing Africa for the very first time.

If you would like to go with us on the next trip (possibly one in May or June and definitely one in December) and have not contacted me yet, please do so soon.

It actually looks like the kids may have taken this themselves. How much more joy could you possibly see on these faces?

Eddie and I danced the polka (we lived in Wisconsin for eight years - what can I say?) while the marching band played one afternoon. I love the looks on the kids' faces as they watched us. They thought we were hilarious.

I brought back the "Mak-it-Plate" finished products from the drawings the kids made in 2008. Here I am digging through stack of plates looking for the one by Rachael.

Found it!

Yoga class

Yoga class

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Anonymous said...

i just love the ones of you looking for and then handing out the plate!