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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

pics by christy

Team 3 member Christy Radecic shoots sports, buildings and sports buildings. In fact, she’ll be on her way soon to shoot the Super Bowl for the fifth year in a row.

Besides devoting her energy to and spreading her infectious enthusiasm around the art room, the sports field and the game tables, she shot video and stills at St. Mary Kevin’s. I just received the stills today. They’re fantastic! Over the course of the next few posts, I’m going to feature some of my favorites. I think you’ll get a very good sense of what it was like to be in Kajjansi. Christy captured the colors, the movement and the emotions with honest, lovely portrayals of the children and her fellow Team 3 members.

I took the liberty of writing the captions.

Carol plays a game of cards and is, as always, having a great time!

These are the Christmas gifts we gave out. No wrapping paper; we used colorful bandanas instead.

Ivan, the band instructor, teaches the children how to play without any sheet music - just a lot of hand motions.

Claire, one of the snare drummers.

This is Otim Alfonse. Everyone calls him "Boy-Boy"

Reading a pen pal letter

The children made more banana fiber dolls for us to sell. If you want to purchase one, please contact me.

Izzy works on a piece in our makeshift art room with art supplies we brought with us.

Another young artist at work.

Gloria and Amswa

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