"The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera." - Dorothea Lange

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


"Time is such an ironic thing… it marches on and refuses to stop despite our pleas. These past 10 days at SMK have seemed to blink by, yet it has been long enough to do some really amazing things. We had enough time to hang mosquito nets over every bed in the dormitories, introduce yoga, help write letters to new friends in America, create special projects with sibling groups, learn card games and special hand claps, remember a few words of Lugandan, celebrate a really memorable Christmas holiday, install more computers within the Computer Lab, capture some amazing memories in photographs, assist with creating some mind-blowing artwork, plant more seeds in the vegetable gardens, create small book club reading groups, introduce various arts and crafts projects, record biographies on all sponsored secondary students, and create life-long memories with new/familiar friends.

Team 3 has said goodbye to the children at SMK. There were a lot of tears and reflections on the incredible memories that have been created during our time at SMK. Our lives back in America will take us back to school or work in different parts of the country. Regardless of our destination, this trip has profoundly touched each of us. It shows in our faces and spirits. Perhaps you will see a deeper appreciation for our loved ones, a different perspective on the luxuries and conveniences within America, or a special smile that will creep across our faces when we talk about the beauty and harshness of Uganda. Whatever form it should take within each of us, hopefully you will recognize our differences."


Sondra said...

I love all the photos but this is one of my favorites!

Anonymous said...

What an amazing trip you have had - and what impact you have had on so many, many lives. We thank you for all you did - for each and every person on your team.