"The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera." - Dorothea Lange

Saturday, December 19, 2009


"An amazing day today. The pictures really tell the story, so I'm going to talk about yoga today. We got to the orphanage to an acrobatics show put on by some of the boys...some of the pics are attached. I was blown away...prior to coming on the trip I watched a video about an organization called the African Yoga Project...these kids were doing the same stuff. So we started talking and I told them I wanted to teach them YOGA....they were ready right then. So in the grass, 15 boys and I did a yoga class. They kept wanting more. They know NAMASTE, and we all honored each other. They were big and small...they learned the poses as if they were always doing them. The head of the orphanage, Mama Rosemary, did some as well. SO...the room you see them sweeping is going to be the yoga room. There's an outlet for music, and the boys just took it on. Tomorrow, it will be ready to go. 17 yoga mats, GENEROUSLY donated by my dear friend David Cronin, from Changing Times in WPB, will be laid out in a circle... Wasn't sure how this would all work...but they just get it! Tomorrow I'm going to film them doing the acrobatics. Filming Yoga will come later. They chose the name 'Power Men of Africa.' So that was today. More later.

Love from the 'Pearl of Africa' as Uganda is called."

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