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Sunday, April 19, 2009

a visit to the orphanage/in judy's own words

Spending the day with the children and dedicated staff at St. Mary Kevin was an amazing experience. Rosemary and everyone at SMK's warmth and hospitality felt like I was visiting with old friends.

What a blessing CTT is to SMK as they are striving to improve their conditions. They are so appreciate of the improvements to their lives that CTT has made possible. The garden is in the process of providing flavors to their meals and they are enjoying the new tastes a lot. They intend to expand the garden to also include flowers. The game room is a big hit. After visiting a bit with every class, I spent some delightful time playing scrabble with some of the older girls.

Construction is underway for an enclosed kitchen which will improve their cooking conditions, especially when it rains. A storage area for food will also help preserve their provisions from hungry critters. The basketball net has been well used and continues to offer both boys and girls a fun activity. The pigs are thriving and multiplying and the new garbage containers have improved the litter problem appreciably.

But the best part of SMK is the spirit and love that you feel everyone has towards each other and the wonderful CTT friends that have visited them. This is a real family that for a day welcomed me into their joyfully loving energy and spirit

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