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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

getty grant for gloria?

I’ve spent the last couple of days hammering out a grant proposal, something I've never done before. I’m applying for a Getty “Grant for Good.” It’s a long shot, but definitely worth the attempt.

The grant was established to support “photographers who use imagery to promote positive change in our world.” The Getty website goes on to say, “Nonprofit agencies need imagery to tell their stories – which is why our Grants for Good provides two annual grants of $15,000 to cover photographers’ costs as they create compelling new imagery for the nonprofit of their choice.”

I realized that using Change the Truth as my nonprofit agency could prove to be a conflict of interest, and since I’ve been longing to go to India, I did some research to find the right organization with which to partner. I think I succeeded. It is based in San Diego, but they do work in eleven countries worldwide (managing programs in excess of 30 million dollars!) placing a particular emphasis on assisting children in India. Its philosophy and goals are similar to those of Change the Truth; they are older, wiser and much larger, though, so I could learn a lot!

The organization, Project Concern, likes my ideas for a project and has agreed to support me in my proposal to Getty. Now that they’ve signed off on it, I am on my own for getting all the paperwork and my portfolio together for submission. It’s due today. Wish me luck!


Damn Sam said...

good luck, g-lo! this sounds totes rad.

Max F. said...

totes mcgotes?
good luck mom!

Anonymous said...

Good luck.....you are an amazing photographer and they would be foolish not to select you!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck!!!


Anonymous said...

With all those g's, how can you not get it.


Gloria Baker Feinstein said...

Thanks, all! I'll keep you posted...