"The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera." - Dorothea Lange

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

guest post by melissa: the equator

"Uganda is one of only 11 countries through which the Equator passes.  Its presence is a highlight for tourism.  Its importance is taught to students by the middle of Primary School. The Equator is only 1½ hours away from SMK, but until this year the number of children who had actually visited this special spot could be counted on one hand. 

I remember my first trip to the Equator with CTT Team 1 in 2007.  It was quite a memorable side trip for Ann, Lonnie, Jane, Peter, and me.  The landmark itself is very simple and could easily be driven past without much attention paid.  But there is a palpable sense of significance felt as one stands on this invisible line that divides our world.  (And it is absolutely true that water does flow in different directions within the northern and southern hemisphere and has absolutely no flow directly on the Equator line.)

This year there has been the special opportunity for 13 Secondary students to travel with CTT visitors to the Equator.  These trips were made during 3 different occasions.  The first trip was in August with Gloria, Lynne, and Natalie.  Next was a trip in November with Melissa when the SMK artists delivered their paintings to the AID Child Art Gallery.  And the final trip happened earlier this month with Dawn and Emily.  Each mini-trip provided CTT visitors with the chance to spend quality time with students.  There were fun car games played, songs sung, some naps, and road-snacks enjoyed by all. 

At the Equator, there is the same indicator on both sides of the road, where millions of photos have been taken.  For our groups, there were lots of group and individual shots.  It is always fun to see how a person’s personality emerges during this photo opportunity.  People can get very creative making their memories while standing atop the Equator!

Here are some of the fun photos taken of the students and their CTT friends."

 Gloria, Lynne, Natalie, Melissa, Rebecca, Fiona, and Nahia

Willy, Nicky, Brian, Wycliffe, and Antwain 


Rose K, Emily, Rechael, Irene, Scovia, and Dawn


Jessica said...

I think this is the first full-length shot of Brian that I've seen. Look at those long arms and legs - he looks six feet tall! Maybe he's just grown a lot recently?! For some reason I've envisioned seeing him eye-to-eye, but I'm pretty sure I'd being looking up to him if we were next to each other!

Gloria Baker Feinstein said...

It might be the camera lens distortion? Brian is definitely not 6 feet tall, although, as you know, with boys this age, all you have to do is turn your back and they shoot up :)