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Thursday, January 09, 2014


Because we have a social worker living and working on the grounds of the orphanage, and because we often have psychologists on our teams, the director of St. Mary Kevin has asked us to help deal with the problem of depression. During Team 7's visit, there were some helpful individual and group sessions that took place with some of the kids who have been struggling. We've actually been helping with some of these issues since our very first team trip in 2007.

I thought it was interesting to see it from SMK's point of view as to why depression could be problem for these young people. This is the list I received:

  • For Orphans/Children [18 & below] typical personal crises include –

  1. Loss of a close and useful relative, like a grandmother
  2. Extensive academic demands following poor performance
  3. Pressure to engage in sex by peers or predator adults
  4. Infection with HIV or STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections like Gonorrhea)
  5. Unplanned pregnancies leading to School Dropout
  6. Failure to realise personal dreams [Academic Route versus Vocational Skills]
  7. Anticipation of Life after P7 without CTT sponsorship, with a likely return to poverty and misery with no friends to help

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