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Saturday, March 12, 2016

photospiva 2016

Sean Kernan was the juror for this year's PhotoSpiva. After many years of being in this show, I finally made the drive to Joplin, Missouri to attend the juror's lecture and the award ceremony. It was a great year for me to go; I'm very happy to say that my photograph "Banana Leaf" won first prize. So, I got a very generous check and a big 'ol puffed up chest.

Kernan gave an engaging lecture. Turns out he has made some photographs at the Kampala Boxing Club. When showing that body of work, he mentioned that a friend had told him about it. Well, I knew immediately that friend had to be Thatcher Cook, my 2006 Uganda workshop teacher. Thatcher was the one who told several of us students about the boxing club and encouraged us to shoot there, thinking it would be a good way to move out of our comfort zone. (I LOVED it and so did my friend Brian, who made some incredibly memorable pictures in that wonderfully gritty place.) After the talk, I asked Mr. Kernan who had recommended he shoot at the boxing club, and, of course, it was Thatch. It's a small photo world!

The show looked great. A lot of good work always in the PhotoSpiva exhibition. I was proud to be part of it once again. Taking the top prize was an incredible honor.

Sean Kernan's presentation

Kernan teaches creativity workshops and guided several audience members through a movement exercise

I went back to the hotel and took a shower. La Quinta's shower curtain is pretty cool.

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