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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

meet fred and sarah

At this end of this month, Fred will be making his third trip to SMK. The children love him and can't wait to get their arms around him once again!

Here's the scoop on this special man:

Fred Grossman is a clinical psychologist who transferred his practice from Kansas City to  Portland, Oregon in 2010. He has been in practice since 1977.

In addition to his practice, Fred has volunteered  in a variety of settings including a woman’s shelter, an AIDS clinic and an adolescent diversion program. Fred has also worked with clergy to provide a more effective delivery system to parishioners. Fred has traveled to Africa twice to volunteer for Change the Truth. He is enjoying giving his time as a Board Member of the organization. 

In his leisure, Fred enjoys hiking, traveling and spending time with his wife Cheryl and his children Erica, Ian and Dennis.

Sarah is a nurse who was in Uganda last June for the first time. She fell head over heels in love with the country and its people and didn't waste any time finding a way to return. On March 1st, she will make her first trip with CTT. We are so happy to welcome her into the CTT family!

Here's the scoop on Sarah:

This will be my second time in Uganda, the first being a medically focused trip at Lacor Hospital in Gulu. As a registered nurse, my focus will be in health education on an age-appropriate level and fun-oriented manner, covering two main topics: infection control and burn prevention. Having experienced a Ugandan hospital for three weeks, it became apparent that education on these two topics could vastly cut down on injuries, illness, and hospital visits. I'm especially excited to be working with children at St. Mary Kevin's. Ugandan children have so much light and joy in their hearts despite their situations, it's hard not to be filled with smiles and happiness.

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