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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

little and free

Can anything compare with receiving updated photos of the grandchildren? Actually, yes.

Photos of their latest little masterpieces absolutely make my day.

I wish I could have watched Henry create this drawing, but I think I know exactly how it went down. His pieces are kind of like "performance" art. He never strives for a clean, perfect presentation. Rather, while his marker, crayon or paintbrush moves around the paper, he describes what is happening. It might begin with a character getting onto an airplane, then flying off into the clouds, then making a stop on a particular planet, then cruising by the sun, then… well you get the idea. Usually by the end of the story, the paper has become a free and lively sea of dense strokes, circles or squiggles. If his mom can get a photo of it before the initial concept is completely obliterated, she kindly sends it my way.

This picture is "a house on wheels with many chimneys and birthday guests." It really isn't complete without Henry's ongoing narration, but it is pretty great nevertheless.

Abbie and Sam are giving their children, among other things, the opportunity to express themselves in endlessly free and creative ways. Each day seems to have a bit of magic in it. My sister once said she wished she could be one of their kids. I do, too! But I consider myself one lucky woman to get to be their grandmother.

"Dragon Family with Bugs"


(All photos were taken by Abbie.)


Unknown said...

So wonderful! Thank you for sharing

Anonymous said...

Pure magic!
- Susan

Anonymous said...

You are indeed lucky. - Sloane

Anonymous said...

So beautiful! Your images show me the joy and beauty of being and loving children. I love looking at your pictures of your grandchildren. Thank you.

Jessica said...

Very nice, Abbie! My favorites are the two of them together at the table, sharing a snack or sharing art space, and the one where they are each inspecting their sticks next to the tree. :)