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Saturday, June 14, 2014

pass the hammer please

Eddie and I spent some time today working on a Habitat for Humanity house. We donated the hours to our friend Keira, a twenty-seven year old who is in the process of becoming a first-time homeowner.

To have qualified as a “partner ” with Habitat,  Keira had to prove she has a steady income, have good credit and has to have maintained a savings account for a specified period of time. She was lucky to have received the partnership with Habitat; it would have been impossible for her to qualify for a home loan otherwise. Habitat provides no-profit mortgage loans and innovative financing. And there are far more people who want this opportunity than those who actually get the chance. She is very lucky.

Part of the process for getting one’s own home through Habitat’s program is to invest “sweat-equity” hours building one’s home and helping with others’ homes. Keira has to also make a down payment, make timely mortgage payments and attend homeowner education classes.

She could not be happier about all of this! She and her two young children drive by their “forever home” (still a construction site at this point) each morning just to feast their eyes on it.

Keira has to commit to working 250 hours at her site or at others. Friends and family can contribute 110 of those work hours. That’s why a group of us were pitching in today!

We did not work at Keira’s future home, but we were in her neighborhood. It was such a good feeling to know we were helping this hard-working, lovely young woman achieve her dream.

She was so grateful and appreciative. She will be one proud homeowner when the day finally arrives. We're all very excited for her and her adorable daughters!


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