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Saturday, November 09, 2013

thatcher and corbin

Thatcher kidnapped us all and made us hop onto boda-bodas our first day in Kampala. I have loved riding them ever since.

Corbin and Thatcher are in the lower left corner. This is the day they were our surrogate parents taking us on a field trip -  a very low-budget safari. It was riotously fun.

My teacher and friend, Thatcher Cook, recently married Corbin. The two photographers met in Uganda in 2005 when Thatch was teaching the Maine Media workshop on NGO photography. Corbin was a student in his class. I guess you could say they kind of hit it off. By the next year, when I attended the workshop, Corbin was Thatch's assistant. They made a great team.

Fast forward to their wedding, which recently took place in Ireland. It is featured in Martha Stewart's wedding magazine this month.

If you have five minutes, treat yourself to this 16 mm film of their extraordinarily beautiful event. It is special and moving in so many ways. My favorite part is seeing Thatcher taking his own pictures of lovely Corbin.

Congratulations and Mazel Tov, Thatcher and Corbin!

You can watch the film here. 

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