"The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera." - Dorothea Lange

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

day seven

A lot has been going on! We are getting to know our young friends better, providing some fun experiences for them and learning about ourselves, as well. Nothing better than a few days at SMK to put everything back into the right perspective.

Natalie took these secondary students to Kampala for a tour of Parliament and a yummy lunch

We surprised Melissa and Antwain with a cake to celebrate their three year anniversary of living in Uganda

Melissa and her ever growing family

Lynne is working on a short film to show at CTT's March fundraiser

Sponsored student Catherine makes good use of the art supplies we brought, making a friendship bracelet

Leo and his drawing

Issy continues to blow us away with her incredible drawing skills

Mama G. teaches one of her photo students the meaning of "photo bombing"

The younger artists are doing a drawing exchange with Kansas City 6th grader Gaston Meya

Natalie is usually always seen with her new friend Maureen

The children clean the compound every morning before breakfast

This one was proud of the all the leaves she had picked up

Sponsored student Evalyn


Roderick, Frank and a friend

Fred still wears his felt necklace CTT gave him for Christmas. Many of the children do!


Anonymous said...

My heart is just SWELLING with happiness and amazement for you, Natalie, Mel, Lynne…… all the SMK kids…… I’m so happy you are there, reminding the kids that people love them and care about them. The photos the kids took are amazing…… as are yours…… Thanks for posting every day….. the necklaces are beautiful…… wish I’d been there for the hug fest! Tell everyone hello, that I miss them, and WILL be back! Avis

Jessica said...

Brian is looking so much older to me in these pictures! Very much a young man. A handsome young man! :o)