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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

day five

Today we were officially introduced and welcomed at an outdoor assembly. A few short speeches later, we were ready to hand out the gifts we brought: wooden tile necklaces that say "you are loved." 

We want the children to know that, even though we may not be here very often, we think about them everyday, and we love them from thousands of miles away.

Lines were (sort of) formed, and we placed a necklace on each child - one at a time. I suppose it looked kind of like an anointing or a blessing, but it was really just a special way for us to show each child how much CTT cares.

After all the hugging, I explained what a "love fest" is and told them we were having one. Then Mama Rosemary and I hugged, and she asked the children to hug whoever was standing next to them. Then it turned into a major love fest.

Of course, no such festival should be without music, and there is always a lot of that around here!

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