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Sunday, March 31, 2013

secondary school

Evalyn, Claire Faith and Scovia (beginning Senior 2)

Rose and Fiona (beginning Senior 1)

Another academic year has begun in Uganda. The students have received their uniforms, shoes, books, pencils and hygiene supplies and are off and running! 

CTT's sponsored secondary students take the following mandatory classes:  English, Mathematics, Geography, History, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology.  They also take enrichment classes, including classes such as:  Literature, Fine Arts, Christian Religious Education, Luganda, Kiswahili, Entrepreneurship, Communication, and Computer. Sixteen classes in all! That's enough to make one's head spin.

But just wait until you read about the typical day in the life of a secondary school student:

The school day begins at 3:00 AM, when students wake to complete morning dormitory chores, engage in morning study sessions, participate in organized prayer time, eat breakfast and prepare for their day.  Regular morning classes begin at 7:00 AM and conclude at 4:00 PM.  Each class is held in 40 minute increments. Students typically get a short break during mid-morning and for lunch. After classes, students have the opportunity for some social activities (like clubs or sports), complete personal tasks (like laundry), and eat evening dinner.  At 7:00 PM, student reenter the classrooms for Night Prep classes (evening study sessions) to revise notes or complete homework.  Classes finally conclude at 9:00 PM.  Dormitory lights are out by 10:00. Students have classes for a half-day on Saturday. No classes occur on Sunday.  

CTT is now sponsoring 24 students in secondary school, two in vocational school and five in college.

We've come a long way over the years, and so have these eager, hard working students!

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