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Monday, March 25, 2013



Henry was one of the first children I met when I went to St. Mary Kevin in 2006. The way I met him was actually very sweet. I had two disposable cameras with me. I wanted to give them to two kids who would value them and who might take some personal/revealing/interesting/informative pictures of their friends and surroundings at the orphanage. I asked director Rosemary to select one boy and one girl for this mini-project. She took great pride in introducing me to the children she chose, both of whom, she said, were very smart, trustworthy and personable. Soon, I was handing the cameras off to a girl named Samalie and a boy named Henry.

Henry was in the first group of secondary students sponsored by CTT. After finishing secondary school, he chose to attend vocational school so he could become a certified electrician. He recently completed his courses and is now doing what he has always wanted to do. Thank you, generous supporters of CTT, for helping make that happen!!!

Here is Henry's story:

Ssemanda Henry has completed his vocational studies obtaining a Certificate in Electricity from Nakawa Vocational Institute in November 2012.  Henry is a full orphan who has been a member of SMKOM’s community since Primary 2.  Henry was one of the first students sponsored by CTT in 2007 during his Senior 2 year in Secondary school.  Henry already had an interest in electrical work.  Through his sponsorship, CTT was able to provide Henry with an academic opportunity to expand his knowledge base and skill set within the electrical field, thus preparing Henry for Uganda’s competitive job market.  Within only 3 months of his vocational completion, Henry now has his first job with RES (Rio Engineering Services) installing electrical services to homes and businesses.  In his future, Henry wants to own his own electrical company and specialty shop for electrical supplies.  Henry shared that CTT sponsorship meant security in his studies. “When I went to school, I did not have to worry about my school fees being paid.  Here in Uganda that is a big problem.  I never had to worry about not completing my studies.”  CTT sponsorship also offered opportunity and a more secure future for Henry.  “Because of CTT I have achieved skills.  I now have a job.  Thank you for what you have done for me.  You have changed my life.”

CONGRATULATIONS to Henry, who has worked very hard to get to this point in his life. CTT could not be more proud!


Anonymous said...

one life at a time = collective good
- dawn

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting henry's success story on your blog! that sure has to feel good for you. it's very inspiring to read and makes me proud of you and CTT!

Anonymous said...

Great story, Gloria.
I am sure there are other "henry's" who can thank you for where they are.
One by one is how it is done.