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Thursday, August 30, 2012


The concert organized by our very own Monique Udo (CTT Team 5) from the Netherlands was a huge success! The much heralded performance (it was widely advertised in the Kajjansi community, and tickets were sold) was a terrific opportunity to highlight the talented young painters, jewelry makers, dancers, drummers and marching band musicians who are part of the St. Mary Kevin Orphanage family.

This was Monique's third trip to the orphanage. She has accomplished an unbelievable amount of good work there, and for that we are most grateful. She has been responsible for providing a plethora of additional instruments. She has added an entire set of recorders for beginning music students. She has taught the children (and more important - their Ugandan teacher) how to read music. Monique has ramped up the horn section (she's a sax player) in a big way. She has instilled confidence in the kids as performers. And last, but certainly not least, she purchased brand new uniforms for the marching band!! The kids feel smart (that's the word used in Uganda for stylish) and look smart, and this makes them feel pretty darn good about themselves.

Here are some pictures (thanks to Melissa and Monique) from the big day. I only wish we could find a way to bring this event to the Kauffman Center in Kansas City. Just imagine!

Paintings, tie-dyed fabrics and beaded jewelry for sale outside the venue.
All items were made by the kids from SMK.

The musicians arrived and posed in front of the concert banner

Ivan has been the music teacher at SMK for many years and has worked with the
marching band from the very beginning. His dedication to the kids is admirable, to say the very least.

The SMK dancers!

Special focus on everyone's darling, the amazing Claire Faith

The very smart members of the SMK Marching Band

Monique with the horn section

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