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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

estate sale

It’s been in the works for several weeks now, and it's finally just around the corner. After hours and hours of sorting, cleaning, pricing and displaying, the estate sale at our home will begin Tuesday morning at 9 AM. It will last three days.

It’s been put together by an impressive group called Nichols-Waterman. They have imported stuff from three or four other families, so our house is absolutely bulging with all sorts of goodies and great finds.

I thought it would be hard to see our home turned into a giant garage sale, but it has been surprisingly fine. In fact, I’ve been fascinated by the whole process and plan to photograph the three-day event. I’ve been told that 1500 people will attend the sale. The thought of all those folks leaving the house with our old Beatle albums, picture frames, night stands, signed baseballs, overstuffed living room chairs, bar glasses, kitchen gadgets, stuffed animals and half used rolls of duct tape will surely make for interesting visuals!

I went through the house a few days ago and shot these pictures of some of the items with which we have decided to part. Some were no-brainers, but many bring back sweet memories and are difficult to give up. Hopefully, in the end, all these things will find good homes.

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Jay Nelson said...

Gloria, as usual you have invested your photographs with not only the beauty of ordinary things but also an emotional content rarely found in any but the most sophisticated of artworks. May I repost this on the gallery Facebook page? I think the word needs to go far and wide.